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Benefits of Using Cloth Nappies

Before we jump into the instructions on how to use reusable cloth nappies, let’s briefly reflect on their benefits. So why do you want to start using reusable cloth nappies? Is it for economical reasons? Is it for environmental reasons? When you understand your big WHY it will help you outweigh any doubts you might have about going cloth. Here are a few benefits of why using modern cloth nappies are the right investment for you.

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You invest in your baby’s health – Disposable nappies contain a lot of harmful chemicals that are unhealthy and even dangerous to your baby’s health.

You will save money – You will see your return very easily when going 100% cloth. When you start using reusable cloth nappies from birth to potty you can save on average €2000.

You invest in the future of your child – When going cloth you start living a more sustainable life. Sustainable parenting will reduce your ecological footprint and is a true investment for the future of our one-and-only planet and therefore for the future of the next generation.

You will save disposables from landfills – You will no longer contribute to the 600,000 disposable nappies that end up in Irish landfills on a daily basis. You save between 6,000 – 10,000 disposables per child from landfills when you go 100% cloth.

    You will always have nappies on hand – Because modern cloth nappies are reusable, you never run out of nappies. Especially when you invest in enough reusable cloth nappies so you will never get stuck when you have one load in the wash and the other stash ready to use. No need to buy disposables in the store ever again!

    Reusable cloth nappies can be passed down – The best thing about reusable cloth nappies is not just that they can be washed again, but they can also be passed down to the next child that needs them. As long as you take good care of your cloth nappies, they can be used forever!

    A beautiful nappy collection – Modern cloth nappies come in the most beautiful prints and colours. At Happy Nappy we’ve made a real effort to find the most beautiful, stylish and one-of-a-kind cloth nappies for you from all over the world. See our unique collection here. Seeing those gorgeous cloth nappies on your baby will guarantee a smile on your face!

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