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Reusable Cloth Nappy Checklist

So you’ve decided you want to give reusable cloth nappies a go. But what do you exactly need to get started? Whether you have decided to use both reusable nappies and disposables or want to go 100% cloth here is a complete checklist of all the essential and optional items we personally use on a daily basis. Since every child and situation is different we have created a nappy assessment if you want to know how many nappies you should get. This way you won’t waste money on buying too many nappies or get stuck while changing your baby because you don’t have enough nappies. 

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Must-have reusable nappy items: What you need when you go cloth


Day nappies

Make sure to have enough day nappies so you can use at least a full day of cloth. This will give you the full cloth experience for a whole day. We recommend the amount of nappies you go through the day times 4 if you want to go full-time cloth. This leaves you with enough nappies while half of them are in the wash and the other half of your nappy stash is ready to use. 

Complete our 3-minute nappy assessment to get an estimate on how many day nappies you need.


Night nappies

Night nappies are crucial if you want a good night sleep. While you may wake up (multiple times) during the night to feed your baby, you don’t want to wake up your Little One completely by having to change their nappy. Night nappies are bulkier, but much more absorbent. A day nappy can easily be converted into a night nappy by simply adding more inserts and boosters to increase their absorbency.

Complete our 3-minute nappy assessment to get an estimate on how many night nappies you need.



Having enough inserts is an absolute must! Especially when your Little One is growing, their bladder is growing as well which means they can hold much larger quantities of fluids. This means that you will need to build a stronger absorbency as your Little One grows. Inserts normally come in bamboo, hemp or micro fleece.

You can learn more about the type of inserts and their materials in our Nappy Guide.



Boosters are basically inserts that are designed to boost the absorbency level of the nappy and are mostly made from hemp, bamboo or micro fleece. The booster is what you place underneath the insert to make the nappy more absorbent. You may find that boosters are sometimes smaller than an insert. Some of the best boosters are made from hemp as this material soaks up the most fluids. The only thing with hemp is that when it’s wet it get a bit tougher and wouldn’t be as comfortable on the skin as bamboo. That’s why you place the booster under a softer insert that is made for example out of bamboo.


Liners (optional)

Liners are an optional nappy accessory. Our liners are made of 100% bamboo material so they can be thrown into the biodegradable waste bin. You simply place 1 liner sheet on top of the nappy so it touches your Little One’s skin. Pee will pass through the material but solids will stay behind on the sheet so you can throw it away. Some find this more hygienic but truth be told, nappy changes are always a stinky job whether you use reusables or disposables!


Wet Bags

It’s always good to own a few wet bags for storing clean and dirty nappies when you are on the go. You can also use them for storing clean & dirty wipes or pretty much anything you can think of e.g. makeup, keys, your phone etc. Very handy when on the go! We have multiple wet bags hanging around the house in the places where we use reusable wipes the most: the changing table, cot, dinner table and kitchen. When nappies and wipes stay wet inside the wet bag it’s easier to wash out the dirt!


Nappy Bucket

A nappy bucket is a crucial element to your nappy journey. The nappy bucket is where you will store your dirty nappy pail. We use a round bucket that is about 50cm in height and is 35cm in diameter with a pail liner placed inside.


Pail Liners

A Pail Liners is basically a giant wet bag. You place the pail liner inside your nappy bucket. This will block out the smell of the dirty nappies and keeps them wet so they are easier to clean in the washing machine. We recommend the Elskbar Pail Liners as we find them most practically designed. They are super easy to tie at the top with the handle popper. This way you can easily bring your dirty pail down to the laundry room while keeping the smell inside. It’s completely odourless! 


Clean Nappy Storage

Dedicate a clean space such as shelves, wardrobe, box or drawers (whatever you prefer) for your clean nappy stash. Create a space where you have easy access so you can grab without having to reach very far so you can focus on your baby as changing them will become more of a challenge once they figured out how to move around! A dedicated nappy storage will help you to keep your nappies organised and ready to use with easy access.


Wipes & storage

Reusable wipes are the perfect little accessory that will help you go 100% cloth. You will also need something to store them in. You can either use a lunchbox or go extra reuse-friendly and recycle an empty plastic disposable wipes packaging. Simply fold your reusable wipes, place them in the old wipe package and add about 500ml of water. Now you have wet reusable wipes!


Changing Mats

Owning at least one changing mat is highly recommended. They are so handy for when you are traveling or to use as a liner to protect the mattress from getting wet. We use a new changing mat every single time they get wet or dirty. 

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