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8-pack bamboo wipes Elskbar


Eight beautiful and soft cloth wipes made with two layers of bamboo. To use them simply place the reusable wipes in a small wet bag or an empty plastic disposable wipes holder, add some water to it and let the wipes soak up all the moisture.

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These bamboo cloth wipes safes the environment from a lot of waste from wet wipes, foam cloths, and paper towels which are usually used in large quantities in families with children. You can really make a big difference to the baby’s skin, the environment, and the wallet by switching to reusable cloth wipes.

Elskbar bamboo cloth wipes can be used when cleaning your baby’s bum and can easily be washed together with cloth diapers. The loops from the bamboo terry makes the wipes really good at “catching” everything, so they are very dreary in use. They are made of two layers of bamboo terry and has a great absorbency, so they can actually be used as a small booster in the cloth diapers.

They can also be used when the baby needs to dry the nose, dirty fingers, or mom can use them to remove make-up. There are a lot of applications.

The bamboo cloth wipes have got stitching with 4 beautiful Elskbar colors and come in a pack of 8 pieces – 2 pieces of each color.

You can never get too many cloth wipes- but something around 16-24 pcs is great depending on what you use them for.

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