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Elskbar Newborn Full-Time Bundle


Elskbar developed the perfect newborn nappy offering your Little One the best start in life. With their gender-neutral collection of prints and colours inspired by Nature, this Danish premium brand have got the turned a beautiful piece of art into a practical, safe and super-comfortable nappy. This newborn nappy bundle has 8 shiny colours and prints. From top to bottom: Lotus (purple), Leaves (red), Mushrooms (brown), Goji (rust), Dandelions (yellow), Grasses (green), Wildflowers (sand) and Twigs (mint). This newborn nappy fits any baby from 2.5 to 6 kg. Once they grow over 6 kg you can switch over to the one-size snap-in nappy bundle.

9 out 10 moms who used cloth nappies from birth recommend to have between 40-50 newborn nappies to avoid laundry stress. Especially after giving birth you want to rest as much as you can and be with your Little One. That’s why we created this complete cloth nappy full-time bundle which consists of 40 newborn nappies. Buying a bundle will save you a significant amount of money. And once you finished using them simply contact us and we’ll be happy to buy your preloved Elskbar nappies back from you!

This full time bundle includes:

  • 5x Lotus (purple) Elskbar newborn nappies
  • 5x Leaves (red) Elskbar newborn nappies
  • 5x Mushrooms (brown) Elskbar newborn nappies
  • 5x Goji (rust) Elskbar newborn nappies
  • 5x Dandelions (yellow) Elskbar newborn nappies
  • 5x Grasses (green) Elskbar newborn nappies
  • 5x Wildflowers (sand) Elskbar newborn nappies
  • 5x Twigs (mint) Elskbar newborn nappies



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Elskbar’s Natural Newborn cloth diaper is designed specifically for newborn babies. It fits perfectly in size on the small baby bum, it has a soft and absorbent insert of bamboo and it is easy to use for new parents. Especially for this diaper is the double leg gussets that are extra good for keeping the baby’s fluid poop inside. You will not experience leaks with this cloth diaper.Your newborn baby will be able to use Natural Newborn from day one and about the first two months (approximately 2.5 kg to 6 kg), depending on your baby’s size and weight. Elskbar Natural Newborn is an AIO-diaper, but our clever insert can be unsnapped, which shortens the drying time significantly. The entire diaper needs to be washed after use, as the diaper shell has a built-in absorbency and gets wet.



Your baby will get really soft materials against the delicate and fine skin. Natural Newborns insert is made of three layers absorbent and soft bamboo terry. The insert measures 27 x 25 cm and can be folded three times for a full 9 layers absorbency. You can also choose to fold the insert once, thus achieving an even smaller cloth diaper bum. Being able to fold the insert in many different ways allows you to customize the absorbency to suit you and your baby’s needs.



Your newborn baby needs to be changed very often at the beginning – up to 10-15 times a day. Therefore, it is important to have cloth diapers that are easy to use, so that your time and energy can be spent recovering from the birth and giving your little baby love and attention. Natural Newborn is really easy to use. It has a single insert that snaps into the diaper shell and then it is ready for use. You only need to wash and dry and then it is ready to use again. It’s really simple. You need about 27 cloth diapers for the newborn baby if you want to use them full time.





Outer material
100% polyester with TPU laminate
Inner material
85% bamboo
15% polyester


85% bamboo
15% polyester



How to wash a cloth diaper
The entire diaper should be washed after use. You need to snap out the insert before washing. The diaper has to be washed at max 60 degrees with a cold prewash. Poop from newborns are water-soluble and therefore do not need to be removed before washing. Avoid detergents containing fabric softeners, optical brighteners, or chlorine bleach.

How to dry a cloth diaper

We recommend hanging the insert for drying, but you can dry it in the dryer on low heat if necessary. The waterproof diaper shell, on the other hand, may not dry in the tumble dryer, as the heat can damage the waterproof TPU coating and shorten the life of the rubber bands.

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