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Foille 2.0 Original AI2 Pocket Nappy Mimi & Co


***Not available for retail to UK*** The latest version of the Australian brand Mimi & Co Originals. This version is made of recycled bottles. It’s again an AI2 with snap in insert set (1 long snake insert + booster) making this beautiful nappy is very compact and has an even smaller fit than their 1.0 version. The biggest difference of 2.0 version is the insert set which has the same absorbency strength as the 1.0 AI2 pocket nappies from Mimi & Co but they are much thinner making it our thinnest nappy in our collection. Their new prints are breathtakingly beautiful. Mimi & Co has some of the most beautiful botanicals in our entire collection. The price of 2.0 is higher than 1.0 because we imported only small quantities of each 2.0 print making it quite expensive to ship from Australia to Ireland. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please beware that there is very limited stock available and we won’t be restocking in the next couple of months due to COVID lockdown restrictions in Australia.

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There are two common cloth nappy styles on the market. Our modern cloth nappy design allows you to use both so you can have a play around and choose what works best for you.
+ Sustainably made from post-consumer Recycled Plastic
+ Stay-dry, moisture-wicking jersey to keep bub dry
+ Narrow crotch for a superior fit
+ Soft lined, inner double-gussets provides ultimate leak-proof protection
+ Wide Back Elastics
+ Tummy panel leak guard with elastics
+ Pocket opening for easy setup
+ OSFM (one size fits most) suitable from newborn to toddler (approx 3.5kg to 19kg)


1x Super-soft 5 layer Bamboo Cotton Snap-in snake Insert
+ Made 280GSM Bamboo Cotton, giving a huge absorbency total of 2,800GSM when folded.
+ Insert is able to be folded along the length of the insert to use with babies of all shapes and sizes.
+ Snake insert can be snapped into the shell to provide comfort and stability.
1x Super-soft 4 layer Hemp Cotton Snap-in Booster
+ Made from 360GSM Hemp Cotton, giving a total of 1,400GSM of extra protection.
+ Hemp absorbs up to 20% of its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch.
+ Snaps into snake insert or nappy shell for active babes.
You can choose to pop the inserts into the included pocket or simply have the inserts laying on top.

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