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Forest AIO Cloth Nappy Lighthouse Kids Company


This award-winning AIO (All-In-One) comes in two handy sizes: Signature (6-32 lbs or 2.7-14.5 kg) or Supreme (15-55 lbs or 6.8-25 kg). They have a soft quick drying Hypoallergenic Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) on the inside with a handy detachable Oeko Tex™️ Certified Bamboo Bookfold™️ insert which contains 4 layers of absorbency on each side. So this creates a massive level of absorbency of 8 layers in total. This Lighthouse Kids Company AIO Nappy won the Top Choice Award in 2021 and are a very popular cloth diaper brand from the USA.


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These Quick-Drying AIO are lightweight, and super trim.  These reusable, award winning diapers comes with attached inserts, so there is no need to stuff anything or fold multiple pieces of cloth before placing the diaper on. Everything is ready for you to use on your baby. Just wear, wash, and repeat.


  • Our proprietary Stretch ™️ TPU diaper shell is made with Hypoallergenic Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ), which keeps baby cool and allows for maximum movement.
  • Our Oeko Tex™️ Certified Bamboo Bookfold™️ insert contains 4 layers of absorbency on each size (8 layers total).
  • The Bookfold ™️ insert allows you to choose from stay-dry fabric or wet bamboo for potty training - it's your choice, simply flip to the desired side.
    • Dry-side is perfect for keeping baby dry during naps.
    • Wet-Side is great for potty training - teaches body awareness.


  • The Signature Size (6-32 lbs), fits babies who are skinny or long.  Best choice if you are starting from birth.
    • The Signature Diapers includes a 2-Ply Bamboo Booster.
  • The Supreme Size (15-55 lbs) is best for chunky babies, heavy wetters, or special needs children.
    • For super absorbency, we recommend pairing the Supreme Cloth Diaper with the Supreme Night Time Insert for extra absorbency.

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