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Leaves Blue Easy Cover 3.0 WeeCare


The WeeCare Easy Cover is the waterproof part of the WeeCare Easy diaper. The cover is the outer shell and it is paired with an onesize insert or a prefold to become a complete diaper. They come in two sizes: medium 5-8 kg or large 8+ kg. Please select preferred size below. You can also select if you want the diaper cover only or include a onesize insert with your order so your cloth nappy cover is ready to use.

(NOTE: Inserts for the Easy Cover are purchased separately. E.g WeeCare Onesize Insert or WeeCare Prefold)


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Onesize insert

On the back of the onesize insert, there is waterproof PUL fabric that protects the cover from getting wet. If the cover has not become too wet or dirty, when the diaper is changed, it can be used again with a clean insert.

In addition, the onesize insert have barriers against leakage on the sides which consist of soft polyester fleece, and which also help to keep the parts inside the insert and thus protecting the cover.
If you want to use the WeeCare Easy diaper as an AI2 solution (All in Two) and to reuse the cover as many times as possible before it has to be washed, then the onesize insert is a great choice to use in the Easy Cover!

The onesize insert is snapped into the Easy Cover with two snaps (buttons) — one at the back and one at the front. The insert has a wide end and a narrow end, and you can choose by yourself which direction the insert shall turn. For example, if you have a child who pees most at the front of the diaper (often boys), it will be a good idea to place the insert so that the wide end, that absorbs more than the narrow end, is placed in the front end of the diaper.

The onesize insert is washed at max 60°c in the washing machine. Be aware that it will shrink up to 15 % after the first washes. Therefore the insert may initially seem somewhat oversized, but it will fit perfectly in the cover after it has been washed a couple of times.

To sum up: a nice and quality insert that easily can be boosted with extra inserts (booster), if extra absorption is needed.


Waterproof backside:
75 % polyester
25 % polyurethane

Middle layer:
55 % hemp
45 % organic cotton

Top layer (against the skin):
55 % bamboo viscous
25 % organic cotton
20 % polyester

Leakage barriers:
100 % polyester micro fleece

Washing instructions

Wash at 60°c. Can be tumble dried.

Can shrink up to 15 % after being washed.
No vinegar or fabric softener.

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